3 Mental Habits of a Productive Mindset

3-mental-habits-productive-mindsetWhen you are in the ultimate productive state of mind, you get into the flow of things and don’t fall into distractions too often, right? It is actually, in humble opinion, the best state to be at. When we are there our mind follows a certain set of pattern or what I consider to be mental habits.

Here are a few things that can help us identified how to hack into that mindset and make it more productive, if we work at this intentionally.

1. Our mind is mostly in a calmed focused state.

It’s wonderful to be there. We know exactly what we are doing, we are fully present. Any obstacle turns into an opportunity. We are mostly smiling, or some of us (yes, sometimes) have the tip of our tongue sticking out the side of our mouth. When these conditions are met, I believe we are so present and absorbed into the task that what we are experiencing is in a way a state of meditation.

2. We are aware of how things are interdependent of each other.

This will take us to the ultimate productivity mind space. The reason is because we have this amazing ability to realize who two or more things can only exist and do something in relationship to something else. So our creations and our purpose under this state of mind makes it so we perform and create in relationship the the world around us, thus having a bigger influence footprint.

3. There is always a sense of urgency.

A productive state of mind can see the opportunity and the conditions that lead to that opportunity. It also have the habit of understanding impermanence and that things can change, so there is a sense of urgency, not stressful, but diligent in getting things done, because really, there is no better moment than the now to do anything.

So why are these important?

We can hack ourselves into entering a peak performance highly productive state of mind if we work in habituating our mind to be present, available and aware of our choices. There are a few ways to do that. We can practice mindfulness, do daily mindfulness exercises and meditate. We can also do physical exercise. Martial Arts is very good at allowing you to be present and raise concentration.

I am very bias on this one, because I practice meditation, so I use it as my to go practice. It doesn’t always keep me from drifting away and loosing my concentration, but I have been getting better at getting my monkey mind to come back every time it drifts.

What is your favorite way to get in the flow? Do you have a specific routing that you use? We would love to know.