5 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Leader


If you are reading this you already know that mindfulness is apparently the cure to all! And although that is an exaggeration, I know experientially how the benefits of a solid mindfulness meditation practice can be extremely beneficial to any person in a position of leadership (If you don’t believe me, ask any of these Successful Leaders.)

Of all the benefits you might get as a leader from a mindfulness meditation practice, here are five ways that I could think off.

1. You will have the clarity to make fast and assertive decisions.

You know how it is, sometimes it’s overwhelming how many decisions we need to make a day. And not just at work, but also at home. Many of them we put off because we are not sure. Many times because we are afraid of the negative potential outcomes we predict to be likely to happen. Many decisions we don’t take on the spot because we are distracted with our mind doing it’s own thing, making up stories from past experiences that are many times irrational and laking all foundation.

With the practice of mindfulness with consistency, you will develop the skill to bring your mind to the present moment and cut through the mental chatter. At first it will be subtle, hard to measure. And with a consistent practice and the right guidance, you will realize that you are actually turning off the chatter box, or leaving it in the background. With the clarity of a mind in control of its actions upon its own thoughts, you will be able to make the decisions you need to make.

2. You will develop empathy and compassion.

Real heart felt empathy and joyful compassions is helpful both to deal with team members or to deal with our customers. Understanding, really, viscerally, what the team needs is key to be able to help them thrive. You as a leader have to connect with them.

After a few sessions of practicing mindfulness is very common to start feeling more empathic with other peoples both pains and joys. While being alone in there with out own thoughts, many times we have experiences we don’t necessarily like. There are things in our lives that we don’t like, and that is true for anyone. The things with our own minds is that we cannot lie to ourselves really. When we have that realization with ourselves and we start connecting with our own discomforts, we also realize that other people, just by being human, most experience something similar. It’s a beautiful moment of: “We are all in this together”.

3. You will be better aware of what needs to be done.

Sometime it’s hard to manage a few projects at a time. We seem to be working more and more, and things sometimes don’t seem to move forward as quick as we’d like. How is familiar with this story, raise your hand! (I bet you raised your hand, it happens to all of us)

When I started practicing meditation, and later more specifically mindfulness meditation, the change I found most noticeable in my day to day life was my ability to prioritize the important and high impact tasks in my life. Not just short term this month life, but years down the road life. It was so apparent that when I had periods or a few months when I didn’t practice consistently, my mind seamed to snap back into the old habit of tending the urgent before the important, or the want before the need.

You will probably develop that ability too with a mindfulness practice. What happens is that we become more aware of the mechanics of our reality. We see how the ephemeral present moment has to be part of a larger picture and it can only be from that present moment that we can have an impact on how we experience that larger picture.

4. You will have a better capability of seeing interconnection.

Very related to previous one. One of the best and most amazing phenomena that I have came to understand (intellectually at least), is that everything is interconnected and interdependent. And I am not talking in a new-agy way. I am talking in a real physical world. We are ourselves, individuals, yes, but we are just one individual of a massive species, of a massive kind of living being. At least in this planet, because if we look up into the sky through to space, we realize that we are so really insignificantly tiny. Yet, our inner world is so huge! Our minds seem to be able to imagine and think of anything!

There are an infinite things that needed to happen to lead to this moment right here right now. All these causes and conditions, from the beginning of space-time (if there ever is any), lead to your experience right now. The big bang, lead to your experience right now. The war in Syria lead to your experience right now. Your breakfast this morning, your crush on high school, the Declaration of The Independence. It is all part of our molecular story. It’s the most amazing thing about ultimate reality.

These interconnections also exist in teams and family dynamics. We as humans are conditioned to see ourselves so separate from each other, that we forget that we are connected at the core. Realizing it and experiencing it will help you lead your team as a master strategic master.

5. You will become aware of your own weaknesses.

I mentioned above that sometimes in there, in our heads, we encounter things about ourselves that we don’t really like. It can be scary, until we peal the layers out and realize that that things that we don’t like of ourselves is, more often than not, just a story we tell to sabotage our own dreams.

One of those things you will find in there are all this stories that you might have build in your life about what it is that you can’t do, or that you do terribly bad. You have made up some weaknesses, and now you allow them to define you. Becoming aware of this and checking on this stories to see if they are real, creates two amazing opportunities.

Can you think of any other way a mindfulness practice helps you lead your team better? Leave us a comment below.