5 Web Apps for a Productive Peace of Mind

One of the things that I love most about technology is how it allows me to place my mind in things that, at least to me, seem more important than others that can be automated or remembered by the cloud. It allows my mind to be calm, knowing that everything is safe and searchable, saving mind space and time.

Here are some of the applications, all web and mobile, that I use regularly.


evernote_logo_center_4c-lrgThis is, to me and many, one of the best productivity applications out there. Evernote is basically, in the broadest sense of the word, a note taking app, but it is more of an extended searchable memory bank, that you can have available anytime, from virtually anywhere! The more you capture into it, the more powerful it becomes, and it does incredible things when you integrated with other applications to clip info from them. It has a free version, that is good for most people, and a premium version that will allow you to carry all your note, offline, on any mobile device, as well as massive upload space!


It happens to all of us; we find a few articles online about what we are researching and we want to read it later, so we start accumulating tabs and tabs and tabs. And nothing gets read, because when we have time to read, we usually don’t have our web browser in front of us! Here comes Pocket! A super elegant solution. You clip the url that you want to read and pocket creates a nicely formatted article from it so you can read it later on your phone, your tablet or any browser. Keep those tabs closed!


If you are looking to build a new habit, any habit, or have a short to medium term goal, Coach.me offers a virtual and social space to share every time you take steps towards your goal, with people who are pursuing the same goal. The idea of pear-to-pear coaching is wonderful and if you want a little more personalized coaching, there are some professionals available for a weekly fee. I tend to check-in daily after meditation, and participate in many questions and comments in that group! Really great platform to better yourself one habit at a time.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

ifttt-logoThere are many things in our lives that can be automated, streamlined, set up forever. IFTTT is a services that does that for you! It connects many of the services and apps you already use and have them work together! For example, you can take a picture on your phone and without doing anything, it can be saved to a folder in your computer. Or you can set it up to save to your drive all the pictures where people tag you on Facebook. Or to create a note in Evernote for each email in your Gmail account with a star or a specific label. The possibilities of IFTTT are endless. With easy-to-create “recipes” you can make much of your life easier and invest that energy in things that matter! They have recently started also adding a new app called DO. Just started trying it out, so can’t say much yet!


I work with a lot of files in my computer. And with Dropbox, I am 100% sure I have access to all my working files anytime, from wherever I am, as long as I have access to the internet. Dropbox creates a cloud from an assigned folder in your computer. Everything you put in there will sync with you dropbox cloud and become available in your other devices. But it doesn’t stop there. You can share folders with other dropbox user, so that you can do collaboration with out the back and forth of ftps and emails, or organize access to family photo albums. The free account has 2GB, with is plenty to many people. The upgrade to 1TB (that is right 1000GB – that’s what I have) will cost you 9.99$ a month. If you have tons of media and files to work with, it’s well worth the money!

What about you? What amazing apps do you use that make your life easier and your mind free? Tell us in the comments bellow.