About Me

Hello my name is Javier Perez-Karam.

I created OurBusyMinds.com because I am passionate about helping busy people overcome the stress and fatigue that come with being busy, and use mindfulness and meditations practices to become more productive, have more energy and be happier.

Me in Boudha

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by the thousand things apparently coming at us all day. At work, at home, in the street! Most of the time it feels that nothing will get done and that we can’t have enough time to rest.

That is why I am here: to help You develop a mindfulness practice oriented specifically to people who are constantly on the go, busy professionals who find themselves working 60 hours a week with no end in site!

It wasn’t long ago that I was pulling production days of 13 and 16 hours, sometimes 6 days a week. Or editing sessions that would take me into the crazy hours of the night, to wake up the next morning and do it all over again, non stop, for months.

Then, I discovered a way to stop! I discovered mindfulness and meditation. For a few minutes I could actually hit reset. The practice of being present in the moment, boosted my concentration, my energy levels and my motivation. I became progressively better and faster at making decisions that before I had to think for days. With silent moments I fine-tuned my ability to recognize what are the most important things that needed to be done and who needs to do it.

Meditating daily and being mindful of my actions, words and thoughts, helps me see things for what they really are, and not just from my habitual limited perspective. This ability instantly creates almost infinite potential! (although I have to admit being overwhelmed by the idea of anything infinite.)

It isn’t always easy.

Doing something every day is a challenge, and honestly, it is not always fun to sit down and “do nothing” for a while. But the benefits of slowing down and understanding your mind and your reality for what it really easy, far outweighs the apparent boredom.

It so happens that, just as You need to eat every day to survive, or You need to exercise every day to keep the muscle tone, you also need to meditate every day to keep your mind sharp and to be fully present and mindful. The moment You stop meditating, the old patterns come up again, and your days start getting longer again, and the stress will be back, and the feeling of doom will be back! And you don’t want that, do you?

Now, after 8 years of practice and studying Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation, I can say with a high level of certainty: because of Mindfulness Meditation within a Buddhist Philosophy framework, I have been able to improve every aspect of my life. I constantly feel highly productive and full of energy, while I run this website, distribute a film, produce videos for my clients, take weekly dance classes, guide meditation, volunteer my time and cook at least every weekend, all stress-free.

I can because I meditate daily between 20 to 40 minutes a day and I behave in ways that don’t distract my mind.

And now I want to help YOU connect with your mind and do more better. I call it Mindful Productivity.