5 Ways to Make Time for Daily Mindfulness – even if you are super busy!


You start meditating and practicing mindfulness today without having to dramatically change your routine. The problem is that many of us believe that we have to meditate for one hour or so for it to be beneficial and effective and that can be overwhelming.

If you can do one hour a day that is great, but if you can only commit 5 minutes, you will also experience the benefits and improve your relationship with life!

We can all find 5 minutes a day, from somewhere!

If You are so bizarrely busy that You really cannot even do 5 minutes, how about You try the book “One-Minute Mindfulness” by Donald Altman for those crazy days when You just can’t take but just one minute for your mind!

And in case you do want to find those 5 to 10 minutes each day, here are a few activities your probably do where You can shave some time off to do your meditation. If this doesn’t work I’ll dare to say You are making excuses.

The snooze button. This might be the hardest one, but the one that will work best. Don’t snooze. That will give You 9 minutes right there (assuming you only snooze ones)

Commute. Many times in our commute we are just static there, in the bus, on the bench waiting. Grab some guided meditation in your phone, plug in your headset and get some mind space in that crowded train.

What if You are driving? Try driving quietly, without radio, being there with the road and your thoughts. Don’t over think it, just watch the thoughts that arise while You drive.

Facebook and such. Hey I get it. I love Facebook as much as everyone else. Nothing better than just tap away as many likes as I can! On average people are spending 20 minutes of their day on Facebook without doing us any good (not necessarily doing any bad either,) when we could spend 7 or 10 of those minutes in practicing being present.

Or! we could also use Facebook mindfully and really take a look at how things are connected, and when we read news from someone we care, we like the post and then go the extra mile to pick up the phone – which we probably already have in our hand – and call this person to tell them the “comment” we were going to write.

The news. The same premise as Facebook. We really don’t need as much of it and it really doesn’t do us any good. There is not real news out there any longer any way, and 99% of it we cannot do anything about it, so why even bother consume it so much. Instead of only catching up in often frivolous and opinionated “news” broadcasts, we could spend 5 minutes of that time looking at the broadcasting our own experience happening in our own life, where we CAN do something about it, either to fix what needs fix (if any) or to enjoy what is joyful, fully.

TV and family. Do You see a pattern here? We are information consumers! I wonder sometimes why is it so uncomfortable to sit with the newsfeed of our own mind, yet we are willing to sit and scroll over thousands of posts or watch endless hours of video on Netflix of Amazon. What about the movie we are constantly writing about our life? What about our own scenes, our own villanes, our own heroes?

We can choose every so often to turn off the screen and sit there, in silence, or in connection with our spouses and other family or roommates. Being there, ourselves, watching our own story unfold.

Well, I think that is a good list. And maybe You are not really too much into any of these things, but I can bet You there is something in that life of yours that You could do 7 or 10 minutes less and spend that time practicing mindfulness, to become the best version of yourself.

Just to be clear! I am not saying that we need to stop doing anything. The key here is just 5 to 7 minutes off from any or all of this doesn’t mean you have to take it away. Go ahead. Give yourself a favor and try it out.

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