Meditation on Planting the Causes

planting the causes

In life everything is caused by something before. It’s cause and effect. If you think about it, in a logical way and examine everything you can find in your physical and your mental world, you will soon come to realize that everything has a cause, and that the effect from that cause will become the cause of the next effect. According to eastern philosophy, more specifically Tibetan Buddhism, most of the time what we think is the cause of something turns out to be completely wrong, and many times the opposite.

An example of that is when people take what is not given to them in order to have more. Unfortunately, for that person, that is a scarcity mindset and it will make this person see scarcity in her reality because that is the way it interacts with it. Had she decided to respect what didn’t belong to her because she knows that there is enough to go around, she would have had an abundant mindset! Her reality would be completely different, because her mind is programing itself to force her to see that reality! These are the ultimate causes of everything: the way our actions and habits force us to describe our world.

The way we see our reality unfolding is caused by what we saw ourselves doing, thinking or speaking. We create our reality from the actions we take today that will cause the future reality.

The meditation you will find below, explores exactly that!

Meditation – Planting the Causes:


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