Meditation – Overcoming Obstacles!

Ostacle Meditation-featured

Obstacles hold us back from becoming what we want to become in life, to live how we want to live. They are, more often than not, stories we tell ourselves about our reality that come from a very narrow point of view.

Sure, there are external circumstances that might seem like a real obstacle, but it will still be the content of our minds that will force us to perceive it as an obstacle and to find the potential solution.

The meditation bellow was given to me by the creators of, Lama James and Lama Kristin, who came out last year from 3 years in silent retreat. It is a meditation based on teachings by spiritual maters through out the last 2500 years, who probably knew more about the mind than most people who have lived in this earth!

But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Do this meditation for a week or two everyday and you will start discovering the little things in your own life that are holding you back. Better yet, you’ll have the awareness and mindfulness to avoid falling in the same patterns of thought or actions that are the very obstacle keeping you from being the best version of “You”!

Disclaimer! This meditation can be painful at the beginning. We have the habit to judge ourselves very harshly. If you start feeling shame, pain, embarrassment, I would like to invite you to stay with it for a second. Look at does the feeling manifest in the body. Recognize the feeling. Befriend it. Savor it. Name it in your mind: “I am feeling Pain”, “I am feeling ashamed”. Remember that you are not the feeling, nor are you the obstacle that apparently triggered the feeling. And then, move towards removing that obstacle.

After a few sessions the negative feeling will still show up, but you will be able to identify it quickly and you will also know that it doesn’t define you, and you will be able to move passed it, without letting it get on your way!

I hope this meditation helps you get over as many obstacles as you need to overcome. Our minds are layers and layers and layer of stuff that we can only discover by pealing the outer layer to see the next one. Eventually we will peal all the layers off and find the true about ourselves, which will help us accomplish ultimate happiness and sky rocket our productivity. But only you can put in the work!

Let me know in the comments bellow how the meditation goes for you and, if you feel open, share with us some of your obstacles!

I’ll share mine rights here: the obstacle I had to deal with at the beginning was this terrible realization about my compulsive behaviors, and it helped me observe them happening. Did it clear them all? Not yet, but now I can recognize the compulsion happening right before the fact, because I have identified patterns of thought and feelings that trigger the compulsive behavior.

It really is amazing how much we can do when we look inside and recognize that we can fix everything about ourselves if we are committed to putting the work.