Meditation: Taking a Look at Pain

taking a look at pain

There is something very interesting about life: we are constantly in some kind of pain or discomfort. Even when we find space to feel happy, it tend to be followed by the anxiety that comes with the truth that the moment will end, so we cling to it.

In Buddhist philosophy all of these small discomforts are called “suffering”. I know, that is a little bit of a harsh word. It refers to a really wide concept of suffering. Within this general suffering, the Buddha spoke about three kinds of suffering.

1. The suffering of suffering
2. The suffering of change
3. The all pervasive suffering (sounds harsh!)

In the next meditation, we will investigate what that means experientially and, hopefully, see ourselves transcend human suffering (is it even possible?).

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to see how these all makes sense. Right?

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