Meditation: The Ever-Changing Reality


The human condition, for some reason, likes things to be fixed, unchanging, easy to predict and expect. It makes us feel in control. But the reality is different. The reality is that everything is changing all the time. Even if it is just because time is passing and it makes matter decay, everything changes all the time. More importantly, it changes from observer to observer, because we all have a different experience of any given moment, or any given object.

This principle of uncertainty can be anxiety provoking to some people, so we tend to hold on to things with the expectation that they will always be there. We take hold of our beliefs and these stories we have told ourselves about our own reality, but they are based only in the our experience through the tiny window of our flawed senses.

Developing the ability to recognize it and the capacity to accept it, is what the next meditation is about. When we understand that everything is constantly changing (even ourselves) we can then tap into what causes that change to happen and change our reality to what we would like it to be! Imagine that! We can actually change our ever-changing reality by understanding how our minds decode it! More on that in following posts.

Meanwhile, enjoy this short meditation. I would recommend doing it for a few days in a row. Maybe a whole week, and dig into this concept of always changing when you are on your regular day to day.

Now because reality is constantly changing doesn’t mean that what happens now, is not valid, because everything we experience will become part of our identity and self-worth, but it’s important to realize that the bad things in our lives and not permanent and, with some proper knowledge and training, we can actually turn all the negative things into positive opportunities. That will become part of being mindful!

Let us know below in the comments what you think about the meditation. And if you start experiencing results, we would love to know too!