What is Mindful Productivity?

mindful productivity

To be present with our work, to understand why we do what we do and how it connects to what others are doing, to make a decision from a place of awareness and true focus, to do what matters and to do it well, that is what Mindful Productivity is all about.

When we talk about productivity we tend to think about do-to lists, systems, processes, measurements, input, output. It’s been a fascination of mine for many years. The whole conversations tends to come down to either dollar amount, time invested/saved, or the relationship between both.

There is something missing in this picture: Our own relationship with the process, with the experience of being productive and the mental and emotional context in which it happens.

Mindful Productivity is not about what to-do list app to use, or what are the optimal hours to work on something (although it sure plays a part.) It’s about why and how we are using the to-do list, and how and why we decide to complete that task, or to take the afternoon off.

Let me tell you a little about my own Mindful Productivity journey.

When I started practicing meditation and mindfulness around 9 years ago now, among the many changes in my life there are two very important ones:

1. I was able to engage on important work for longer periods of time, without getting distracted by my own mind, and I was able to make more assertive and timely decisions. I think it was my very first experience of what I call “clarity by design“, when you intentionally work with your mind to access clarity, instead of having a random moment of clarity.

2. A little later, what I used to see like a fixed reality out there from it’s own side separate from me, became much more elastic and malleable to what I wanted to create from it. I realized I could actually affect and tweak how reality appeared to me by tweaking aspects of my mind.

This began a journey of exploration into my own mind and my own habits and the inevitable merge of my mindfulness practice and my productive life (or the rest of my life for that matter)

I am a busy Newyorker. We wear that badge proudly around here! If there is something that my meditation practice has done for me throughout the years, it’s to get more fired up to do go out and do even more, bigger and better things that will help, inspire and entertain more people.

I compassionately embrace my busy crazy creative mind, the one that is constantly connecting new ideas, and new patters. Combining my productivity habits with my meditation practice has allowed me to move fast, move forward where it matters most at any given moment.

I embrace it because I have learned through meditation and mindfulness practice to engage only with those moments that inspire me, and to turn the rest of the moments into inspirational ones, or let them pass through.

When you get to be present more often, you make more moments count. And that, that is when the magic happens.