Mindfulness Toolbox – Resources for everyday awareness

The following is a list of resources and services I think you can find useful.

Meditation Timer for your phone Insight Timer (here for iOShere for Android)

I use this app as my meditation Timer. It has a couple of things that I love: the different kind of bells and bowls for the alarm and that it has a social component to it. When you start it the app tells you how many people are meditating with the app at that moment. It makes me feel connected to these anonymous strangers and makes me feel that we are meditating in group. Highly recommend it.

A portable brainwave scanner Muse

A head band that taps into your brainwaves and measures your levels of concentration and calmness. It records the information to your phone and keep a chart of your data so you can see your progress.

Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism Asian Classic Institute’s YouTube Channel.

The Three jewels in New York where I study Buddhist Philosophy, in partnership with the Asian Classic Institute, have classes daily and many of them are posted on the youtube channel completely free. Do leave a donation at threejewels.org so they can keep doing it! :) If you have never even heard of Buddhism, you can start right here, ACI I: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism.

Habit Building Support App – Coach.me (for iOS and Android)

You can build any habit you want, and accomplish anything you want, and more so when you have a community of people that you know are on the same boat as you. With Daily Check-ins you keep up with new habits, and can ask questions to the community on anything about the habit. It really is an awesome community and app.

Best Note Keeping App – Evernote

There are many ways to capture the world and archive it. Here at OurBusyMinds.com we use Evernote for almost everything we do. It captures, catalogues and finds virtually anything that you through at it. And it gets more powerful and better the more you capture into it, so we can keep our minds clear from not-immediately-useful information. It works with all your devices, desktops and browsers so you can always have everything right there.