My Favorite Books on Mindfulness and Meditation


After studying mindfulness and meditation for almost a decade, you get to store a lot of books in your kindle, iBook and Audible accounts. Or in your bookshelves, but I don’t really purchase print books much, unless they are pieces of art, or it’s the only way it’s available. But hey, you can read them however it’s best for you.

As per meditation and mindfulness, I have read some books that I don’t care for, and some that are spectacular in how helpful they have been to both my intellectual understanding and my experiential practice.

Here is a list of the best I have encounter:

  • Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice, by Thich Nhat Hanh. This book is simple, to the point and great for beginners! First, Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most amazing minds I have been able to read from and heard from, his compassion and precision of language is amazing. This book is a really practical guide. It’s short and sweet!
  • Lovingkindness: The revolutionary art of happiness, by Sharon Salzberg. Sharon is a wonderful being. Although I feel she is a little monotone when speaking, which can make it hard to listen to, her writing is superb! In this book (to which she published the first version exactly 20 years ago) is based on a powerful meditation practice called in english Lovingkindness. It is a visualization/mindfulness technique that, when practiced regularly, will cultivate empathy, compassion and equanimity. It will make you feel happier and in turn, have more energy, work better, feel better and really really rock your reality to the core.
  • Thoughts without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective, by Mark Epstein. I am a little bit of a geek when it comes to these stuff. Also, my wife is a therapist. Epstein, has blended this two realities in a masterful way. It is accessible and easy to read, even for the non-buddhists and non-psychologists. It is basically written in plain english, with some buddhist and psychology terms in there. It will really make us question how is it that we are going everything we do. And when we get to put those ideas together, we will have the power to do anything we want.
  • The Tibetan Book of Meditation by Lama Christie McNally. My very first “meditation manual”. Although, McNally is a bit of a controversial person, the teaching in this book are a current age interpretation and application of ancient Tibetan meditation principles. Easy to understand and almost every chapter have a meditation outlined and explained for us to practice on our own time. 100% recommended.
  • The Road Home. A contemporary exploration of the Buddhist Path by Ethan Nichtern. Now, I am a little bias on this one, because Ethan in one of my teachers. This book is incredibly good at taking concepts that might feel foreign to some, and translating them into practical and current ideas. For buddhist and non-buddhist alike, the book is packed with very useful advice, to be happier and life a better life in general.

Now, this is a very short and reduced list of some of my favorites. There are many others, related to more Buddhist or productivity and business driven that I mights recommend later down the road.

I would love to know what are some of your favorite books related to Mindfulness or Meditation.