Top Podcasts on Mindfulness, Meditation and Buddhism


Podcasts have become even more popular in the last year or so! Everyone seems to be getting into them and making them, but like many other forms of democratized media, not all of them are great, some are just ok, and many are straight up bad (although I do respect and appreciate the effort put into making anything!)

I have been an avid podcast listener for probably a decade now. In the last few years there has been a proliferation of great podcasts related to themes that interest us here at OurBusyMinds, like mindfulness and meditation, psychology or productivity, from a Buddhist, secular and scientific perspective.

Here is a list of the shows that I listen to on regular bases. I hope you find benefits in any of this podcasts. They are not in any specific order, they are all really good in my opinion!

  • Tara Brach. She is an amazing teacher. Traditionally a Psychologist, her teaching are colored with Western Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy. The podcast are usually, if not always, the audio of a lecture he recently taught. They are always, mindblowing. Link to podcast.
  • Buddhist Geeks. This is one of my favorite podcast always! It’s been around for a while now and it’s focused on what they call: the emerging faces of buddhism. They bring a lot of technology and science, as well as spirituality to the conversations. Their podcast tend to be interview based with usually one or two guests. They have a yearly conference and organize retreats as well, so it’s a great site to be connected to. Visit: for the podcast.
  • Interdependence Project Podcast. The IDP is a secular multilineage Buddhist center in NYC. They post some of the teachings they have going on that just finished in podcast form. They have many available classes both in person and online. At the time of this writing I study at the center in a Year Long Meditation Intensive Teacher Training. The podcast is a great source of secular buddhism. Find the podcast here.
  • Rob Thurman. If you know anything about Thurman, you know he is a very Buddhist scholar. In this podcast, he shares segments of talks he already gave. His style is always really engaging and very straight forward, even for those who don’t necessarily understand too much buddhism. Here is the link.
  • The Daily Meditation Podcast. Mary has posted over 400 daily meditations in her podcast. It’s the only daily meditation podcast I have been able to find, and probably the only one you will need, because she is really good and introducing an idea and guiding you through the meditation in around 15 minutes. Check her out here. Her website here: SipAndOm
  • Meditation in the city. This podcast comes from the Shambhala center in New York. It will sometimes features interviews and other times audio from lectures given at the center. I find it to not be very consistent in the frequency of publication, but they make up for that on the quality of the content. Find them here.

What do You think? Is there any other podcast I have not shared here that you think should have made the list?